Mylo Suede Leather in Dark Blue (Birkenstock Shoe Removable Footbed - Suede Lined)

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    Premium Materials

    Every pair of Birkenstocks is made from the highest quality materials.

    Suede Leather Upper / Birkenstock Shoe Removable Footbed - Suede Lined Suede Leather is made with premium cowhides that are split to produce soft, thick, matte leather.

    This footbed is made from cork and latex with a soft suede lining and like the classic footbed offers great support, unlike the classic footbed, it is slightly thinner to allow for space in the shoe and easily removable, so those with their own orthotics can also enjoy Birkenstock shoes.

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    The Mylo

    Mylo is just the ticket for adventurous kids, with practical laces that only have to be adjusted to the wearer’s feet once, provide ideal grip. Afterwards, the shoe can be conveniently tightened and loosened using the side zipper. In addition, sturdy suede and a non-slip rubber sole increase the model’s durability. All day support and comfort with the original BIRKENSTOCK anatomical footbed lined in suede and made in Germany and a durable rubber sole.

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