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Support Sole Sock Cotton Blend in Black

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    Cotton Blend Upper

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    The Support Sole Sock

    These seamless compression and support socks are great for anyone who spends a long time on their feet or sitting down. Inspired by the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed and integrated into the sock, this anatomically placed plush pad in the outline of the left- and right-hand soles offers an outstanding cushioning effect. The knee-high sock reflects the natural shape of the calf, with seamless compression promoting blood circulation. The pressure is spread across the All socks with the original BIRKENSTOCK FOOTBED COMFORT SOLE are produced in Europe. The authentic original BIRKENSTOCK logo helps ensure a high degree of brand recognition. • Knee-Length Support Stockings That Do It All • NEW With original BIRKENSTOCK FOOTBED COMFORT SOLE for exceptional support • Anatomical plush padding to match the shape of the left- and right-hand soles • Seamless compression promotes blood circulation and revitalizes the legs • Certified ORGANIC COTTON that is soft and gentle on the skin • Flat, hand-looped toe section for peerless comfort • Authentic original BIRKENSTOCK logo on the shaft. • 65% cotton, 27% polyamide, 8% spandex (Lycra®)

    Size 36 fits 36-38 Size 39 fits 39-41

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