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Core features

Kids deserve comfort and support in their footwear too. Birkenstock have them covered with trendy sandals and shoes in fantastic patterns and many colours. This trusted style has been made small-scale for kids little feet.

Product description

Add a heel strap to our iconic Arizona sandal and you get the Birkenstock Milano – a classic with added stability. The Milano back strap model gives you a secure step in any situation, whether you are at work or at play. Select materials and high-quality workmanship are complemented with the signature comfort of the Birkenstock footbed.

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General care instructions

Prolong the life of your Birkenstocks by following our care instructions:

  • Trying on a new pair: Follow our size guide to ensure you’re wearing the correct size.

  • Breaking in a new pair: Allow your feet to adjust to your new shoes by limiting wear to just a few hours the first five to six times.

  • Air footbeds regularly: Airing the footbeds prevents the build-up of odours caused by excess moisture.

  • Don’t immerse cork models in water: Water can damage cork-based sandals/shoes and dissolve the glue/sealant.

  • Avoid extreme heat: Heat exposure can damage Birkenstocks. Avoid leaving them in the car or direct sunlight, and keep away from radiators and fireplaces.

  • Repair your shoes: Over time, Birkenstock footwear may require repair due to general wear. Read more about repairs.>

Optimal Fit In Two Widths

For your comfort and support, we offer our original footbed in two widths: 'Regular' for normal to wide feet and 'Narrow' for slimmer feet.

The width of your Birkenstocks is indicated by the footprint shape next to the size.

Choosing the correct fit will keep your feet happy, prevent pressure or rubbing in the wrong places and extend the lifespan of your shoes.

Most people with a normal to wide foot will be comfortable in a Regular width fitting.
If you usually seek a narrow fitting shoe or have a particularly slim foot shape, the Narrow width may be more suitable for you.

Size Chart

These measurements are footbed dimensions.

We recommend choosing a footbed size by adding 10mm to the length of your foot, and selecting narrow or regular based on your foot width.


Size Length Width
35 Regular 225mm 89mm
36 Regular 230mm 91mm
37 Regular 240mm 93mm
38 Regular 245mm 95mm
39 Regular 250mm 97mm
40 Regular 260mm 99mm
41 Regular 265mm 101mm
42 Regular 270mm 102mm
43 Regular 280mm 103mm
44 Regular 285mm 107mm
45 Regular 290mm 109mm
46 Regular 300mm 113mm
47 Regular 305mm 115mm
48 Regular 310mm 117mm
49 Regular 315mm 119mm
50 Regular 325mm 121mm


Size Length Width
25 Regular 160mm 69mm
26 Regular 165mm 71mm
27 Regular 170mm 73mm
28 Regular 180mm 75mm
29 Regular 185mm 77mm
30 Regular 190mm 79mm
31 Regular 200mm 81mm
32 Regular 205mm 83mm
33 Regular 210mm 85mm
34 Regular 220mm 87mm


Size Length Width
35 Narrow 225mm 85mm
36 Narrow 230mm 87mm
37 Narrow 240mm 89mm
38 Narrow 245mm 91mm
39 Narrow 250mm 93mm
40 Narrow 260mm 95mm
41 Narrow 265mm 97mm
42 Narrow 270mm 99mm
43 Narrow 280mm 101mm
44 Narrow 285mm 103mm
45 Narrow 290mm 105mm
46 Narrow 300mm 107mm
47 Narrow 305mm 109mm
48 Narrow 310mm 111mm
49 Narrow 315mm 113mm
50 Narrow 320mm 115mm


Size Length Width
24 Narrow (Kids) 150mm 63mm
25 Narrow (Kids) 160mm 65mm
26 Narrow (Kids) 165mm 67mm
27 Narrow (Kids) 170mm 69mm
28 Narrow (Kids) 180mm 71mm
29 Narrow (Kids) 185mm 73mm
30 Narrow (Kids) 190mm 75mm
31 Narrow (Kids) 200mm 77mm
32 Narrow (Kids) 205mm 79mm
33 Narrow (Kids) 210mm 81mm
34 Narrow (Kids) 220mm 83mm
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Enter your details to be notified when this size item is back in stock.


We offer in-house repairs on most products to help you enjoy your birks for longer


We make an effort to minimise our impact on the planet at every step

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on all orders over $50

The Birkenstock Original Footbed

Sustainable Materials

NATURAL CORK – A Renewable Raw Material

One of our most important raw materials is cork – A natural and sustainable product that boasts high elasticity, outstanding cushioning, and excellent heat and sound insulation. The cork layer is reproduced and can therefore be harvested again and again without harming the tree.

The cork is obtained from the bark layer of the cork oak. At least five centimeters of thick bark is stripped from the cork oak – a process that can only be repeated every seven to nine years. A single tree can provide 100 to 200 kilograms of cork during its lifetime.

Birkenstock manufacturing materials and sandals
LATEX – The Environmentally Friendly Adhesive

Natural latex serves as a primary binding agent in the production of the footbed. Like cork, natural latex is also a renewable resource. Natural latex is obtained from the resin of rubber trees.

This delicate natural material has a much better energy balance than synthetic latex, which is obtained from crude oil, and it's also free from pollutants such as solvents or CFCs. In addition, natural latex has beneficial natural properties, such as a high elasticity-point and superior breathability.

Repairing is Caring

  • Created With Repairs In Mind

    Created With Repairs In Mind

    Birkenstocks are carefully manufactured to allow for easy repairs over the life of the shoes.
    Most components are replaceable or repairable.
    Our workshop exclusively uses genuine Birkenstock repair materials.

  • The Maintenance Mindset

    The Maintenance Mindset

    Regular care and maintenance of your Birkenstocks helps keep your favourites on your feet for longer.

    Smaller, more regular repairs, such as re-soling and cork patching are recommended over the life of your shoes to extend their wear.

  • Gentle On Our Planet

    Gentle On Our Planet

    The more shoes we are able to repair, the more we keep from being discarded and ending up as landfill.

    We salvage parts and materials from anything that we can no longer repair, minimising waste at every part of our process.

  • Starting your Repair Journey

    Starting your Repair Journey

    Our workshop team are a talented bunch!

    Even if you think your shoes may be beyond repair, or your new puppy has given them a good chew, please reach out to us.

    You may just be amazed at what we can do to help!

Size assistant

Welcome to the Birkenstock Size Assistant!

Let us help you find the size you’ll be most comfortable in.
Approx time to complete: 5 minutes
Or see what a good Birkenstock fit looks like

Your recommended Birkenstock size is

Measuring Tips

Measuring Tips

We recommend using a pencil or a ballpoint pen.

A thick pen can distort the result.

It’s best to measure your feet in the evening as they may expand during the day.