Collection: Papillio

Papillio by Birkenstock
As its name translates in French, Papillio really is the butterfly of the Birkenstock family. Launched in 1991 Papillio gave Birkenstock a chance to unfold its wings, for over two decades Papillio delivered imaginative and creative styles based on the traditional Birkenstock models.

What makes Papillio distinctive?
Modern Papillio has handed back the intriguing colourways, patterns and textures to Birkenstock proper, and forged to new heights, by creating complementary designs to Birkenstock’s traditional collections in the form of classy, and fashion forward wedge and platform style sandals. If you are looking for something elegant or something chunky, or both, Papillio have you covered. Manufactured in Portugal, the Papillio aesthetic presents many new leather options in seasonal colours and the latest trends.

Seasonal selections
Each fashion collection brings a selection of styles to suit the season, from wintery closed-toe mules and clogs in muted tones to strappy summer sandals and wedge heels. The selection is most abundant among summer sandals, showcasing criss-cross uppers, single-strap slides and wedges with ankle straps, all which provide a fashionable play on traditional Birkenstock designs.

Height variants
For those looking for a little extra height, Papillio is the go to, offering varying styles in wedges and platforms. The platform styles boldly colour block the elevated outsole to accentuate the effect and a wedged heel adds varying heights to the everyday sandal for a dressy, sophisticated look.

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