Caring for your Birkenstocks

Prolong the life of your Birkenstocks by following our care guide. Ensuring a proper fit is the first step.

Trying on a new pair

Open all straps and step into the footbed. The contours of the footbed should follow the curves of your foot. Close the straps comfortably, leaving enough space to allow your feet the freedom of movement. Stand up and make sure you have 5mm extra room in front of your toes and 5mm behind your heels. Read our size guide for more information.

Breaking in a new pair

For the first five or six times you wear your new shoes, limit the time to just a few hours. This allows your feet and body to gradually get used to the contoured arch support as well as the straps and buckles.

Air footbeds regularly

Birkenstock footbeds are constructed of layers of jute and cork covered in a suede lining. It’s designed to absorb moisture from your feet. Airing the footbeds prevents the build up of odours caused by excess moisture.

Don’t immerse in water

Water can damage the cork and dissolve the glue/sealant. If your shoes get wet, dry them slowly and away from direct heat, never directly in front of a heater. If the buckles are exposed to salt water, rinse them to avoid corrosion.

Avoid extreme heat

Exposure to concentrated heat can damage your Birkenstocks. Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or in the car on warm days and keep them away from radiators and fireplaces.

Repair your shoes

Birkenstock footwear with exposed cork footbed may require cork repair due to general wear over time. The soles need repairing or replacement before you start wearing into the cork. Read more about repairs.

Birkenstock materials care tips

Birkenstock uses a variety of durable, high-quality materials. Protect and extend the wear of your footwear with these care tips:


Apply a good quality clear or colour active cream polish regularly to remove scuff marks and keep the leather supple. Please note: Any dyed leather may transfer some colour.


Use a suede brush or to remove stains, apply a nubuck eraser block. To restore/maintain the colour, apply a colourless leather conditioner.


The metallic finish is a thin foil and is very prone to scuff marks. Avoid staining them with corrosive liquids such as perfume, nail polish remover (acetone), sunscreen and aerosols. You can protect the leather using a neutral shoe polish.


To clean, wipe with a damp soft cloth.


To protect, apply a silicone-based waterproofing spray. Use a wire suede brush to clean.


To clean, apply a nubuck eraser block or a suede brush. To protect, apply a silicone-based waterproofing spray.


Gently brush with a plastic bristle suede brush or an old toothbrush.


Wipe with a clean, damp cloth.


To clean, brush lightly with a plastic bristle suede brush or an old toothbrush.


Gently brush with a plastic bristle suede brush or an old toothbrush.


Brush lightly with a plastic bristle suede brush or an old toothbrush.


Wash with mild soap and water.


Wash with mild soap and water. Please note: EVA can shrink at high temperatures.

Find out more about Birkenstock Materials.

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Measuring Tips

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