Treading lightly on the earth

At Birkenstock Australia, we are committed to reducing our impact on the planet, and we apply this way of thinking to everything we do

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Our Commitments

We believe we have a responsibility towards people and the planet, and we strive to reflect this in every decision we make.

The responsible use of natural resources and compliance with stringent social and environmental standards are two of our core values.

Birkenstock has embraced sustainability and social responsibility long before the term “corporate social responsibility” was coined.

The exceptionally high degree of vertical integration not only ensures impressive product quality and durability, but also goes hand in hand with extensive monitoring of the supply chain, from the purchasing of raw materials through to delivery of the finished product.

Thanks to its rigorous commitment to quality, Birkenstock stands against the throwaway mentality that currently prevails in the global fashion industry and is positioning itself as a pioneer of socially and environmentally responsible commerce.

Birkenstock also accepts social responsibility above and beyond its business activities. Accepting social responsibility and playing an active role in efforts to solve the challenges facing society, however, is not a faddish activity, but rather a reflection of a corporate ethos that has been deeply rooted for several generations.

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Don't replace, repair!

Don't throw your broken or worn out shoes away! Did you know most Birkenstocks styles can be repaired? You can learn more about the types of repairs we offer, and book a repair with our specialist in-house workshop today.

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