Size chart regular kids size

Size Length Width
25 Regular 160mm 69mm
26 Regular 165mm 71mm
27 Regular 170mm 73mm
28 Regular 180mm 75mm
29 Regular 185mm 77mm
30 Regular 190mm 79mm
31 Regular 200mm 81mm
32 Regular 205mm 83mm
33 Regular 210mm 85mm
34 Regular 220mm 87mm

Size assistant

Welcome to the Birkenstock Size Assistant!

Let us help you find the size you’ll be most comfortable in.
Approx time to complete: 5 minutes
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Measuring Tips

Measuring Tips

We recommend using a pencil or a ballpoint pen.

A thick pen can distort the result.

It’s best to measure your feet in the evening as they may expand during the day.