Extremely high demand for Birkenstock products and impacts from Covid-19 on global supply chains has had a significant effect and delay on summer stock delivery. Our local delivery partners have advised that there is still congestion in the Australian freight networks and there are ongoing delays for expected shipping times.

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Premium Materials

Only the best materials are good enough for us. These materials are not used in our products until they meet our quality standards. This means that we only use the highest-quality natural materials, such as cork, latex and the finest jute for our footbeds. These materials ensure that our shoes are light and flexible for the highest level of comfort.

This quality can also be seen in our choice of leathers. These leathers can be recognised by the typical grain and colours that are visible on the surface. We do not try to hide these features; rather we maintain the individual characters of the natural surfaces. We deeply dye and permeate the leather, instead of covering it up. This allows it to keep all of its valuable, natural properties, such as breathability, longevity and durability.

With continued use, the changes in the surface, such as a fine patina, creases and wrinkles become visible. There is also a so-called pull-up effect. This means that the colour nuances of the leather depend on the type of stress it is exposed to. These characteristics are not quality errors, rather they are a sign of a true natural product, giving each Birkenstock® item an unmistakable, natural character.


Perfect Quality

We have passion for our products, an appreciation of their heritage and a genuine belief in their benefits. Our business is a reflection of how we represent ourselves – quality products that are comfortable, unique, timeless and respectful of the world around us.

There are also other positive aspects of the company that account for the brand's quality. continuously enhanced technology and a sophisticated recycling system all actively work together to maintain the environment for future generations. The strong commitment and the high level of motivation of Birkenstock® employees also contributes to the satisfaction of our customers around the world.


For information on how to care for your Birkenstocks and tips for cleaning the materials, please see Cares & Repairs or download this care tips card.

Natural Upper Materials

Smooth Leather

Has a very fine grain so the surface feels smooth. The leather is durable and easy to clean.

Embossed Leather

Same as Smooth Leather above except that a special pattern or texture has been pressed into the surface.

Natural Leather/Oiled Leather

Has a visible grain and naturally occurring colour irregularities that are not removed in order to preserve the matt surface.

Waxy Leather

Leather that has been buffed and coated with a waxy finish.

Metallic Leather

Leather with a metallic finish. Please note: Avoid staining with corrosive liquids such as insect repellent and nail polish remover (acetone).

Patent Leather

The surface of this leather is finished to a high gloss. To clean, wipe with a dampened soft cloth.

Nubuck Leather

Created by sanding the natural grain of the leather which gives a fine nap.

Suede Leather

Made with premium cowhides that are split to produce soft, thick, matte leather.

Wool Felt

Made using 100% natural wool woven to create a warm, breathable fabric.


Birkenstock uses premium quality cork to provide the orthopedic contours feet need for maximum comfort. Cork is a natural, lightweight, resilient, and shock-absorbent material. Cork comes from the bark of cork oak trees that grow in Spain and Portugal. Workers peel cork by hand in a process that is harmless to the trees. After seven years of new growth, each tree is ready for harvest again. The cork used in Birkenstock footwear is completely renew-able.


A natural polymer. Latex is mixed with cork to give the footbed more elasticity and flexibility.


A natural, thick fibre, obtained from the jute plant, which increases the flexibility and durability of the footbed. 


Synthetic Upper Materials


Birkenstock trade marked synthetic leather. It is a skin friendly, easy care fabric. Clean with a damp cloth.


Birkenstock trade marked synthetic nubuck leather. Slightly porous with a matte finish and compressed birko-felt backing.


Birkenstock trade marked synthetic felt. Brush lightly with plastic bristle suede brush to clean.


A soft synthetic material woven from micro-fine filaments. Moisture absorbent and breathable.


A water resistant, biodegradable synthetic material. It is also resistant to heat, acid, oil, and grease. Wash with mild soap and water.

EVA - Ethyl Vinyl Acetate

Ethyl vinyl acetate, a non-toxic synthetic compound. Creates lightweight and flexible footwear that is shock absorbent. Also resistant to water, oil, and grease.

Please note: EVA can shrink at high temperatures.