This strictly limited collection consists of the styles Madrid, Arizona, and Gizeh in eight colours. All the collection styles are numbered and come with a pair of vintage-inspired Birkenstock socks. The anniversary collection comes in a specially designed box inspired by the Birkenstock archive.

Collection: Arizona 1973 Anniversary of the Icons

Everybody’s favourite

Everybody’s favourite

  • MADRID 1963

    MADRID 1963

    In 1963, Birkenstock released their first style: the Madrid. The aesthetic of this minimalist sandal continues to serve as the foundation for Birkenstock’s signature style today.

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  • ARIZONA 1973

    ARIZONA 1973

    1973 saw the debut of the Arizona, which soon became a symbol of 1970s counterculture. The two-strap sandal endures as a classic, transcending trends and societal changes.

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  • GIZEH 1983

    GIZEH 1983

    Birkenstock's 1983 launch of the Gizeh sandal marked a daring move into new territory with its ergonomically shaped toe bar and bold aesthetic.

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