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Birkenstock Natural Skin Care

We at Birkenstock Natural Skin Care stand for certified natural cosmetics, all of our products are vegan, certified in accordance with the international COSMOS NATURAL standard and thus cruelty-free. Birkenstock stands for well-being, comfort and wellness – and we want to transfer these feelings to the whole body with high-quality skincare products “Made in Germany”. The centrepiece of our products is the cork oak: the cork oak extract stimulates cell renewal, strengthens the
skin’s protective barrier and moisturises.

Cork: a renewable resource

No tree has to be chopped down for our active ingredients: the cork oak is gently peeled at regular intervals without the tree or the environment being harmed in the process. For us at Birkenstock Natural Skin Care, it is of utmost importance to manage the cork oak forests in an ecologically responsible way – and thus to protect them and to ensure their preservation. Furthermore, cork is 100% recyclable.

Our products

  • We stand for ...

    …. natural skincare products from head to toe – so that you can feel
    comfortable in your skin. Inspired by the comfort and wellness provided by Birkenstock, we stand for an overall feeling of well-being – with high-quality skincare products “Made in Germany”. In this context, we ensure that our natural cosmetics products supply your skin with what it needs, protect it against external influences and strengthen the natural functions of the skin.

  • We believe in ...

    ... the power of the cork oak. The centrepiece of our natural cosmetics products is the multi-active cork oak complex which is obtained by extraction from the bark of the cork oak. In our products, we make use of the cork oak’s incredible ability to regenerate its bark. The cork oak complex stimulates cell renewal, strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and improves the skin’s ability to store moisture.

  • Our promise ...

    ... We only use natural ingredients; all of our products are certified by COSMOS NATURAL and thus meet strict requirements. That’s why our natural skincare products do not contain any synthetic fragrances or colourings, no PEGs, are cruelty-free and vegan. Moreover, independent institutes confirmed the efficacy and tolerability of our skincare products.

  • Cork Oak

    From the roots to the crown, the cork oak is an ecological marvel. One special characteristic of the tree species, which is around 60 million years old, is its unique ability to regenerate its bark. It has been proven that the substance which gives the natural resource cork its special elasticity has, when used in the cosmetics industry, an anti-aging effect. On the basis of these findings, a multi-active cork oak complex was developed exclusively for Birkenstock Natural Skin Care. It stimulates cell renewal, strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, and this improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

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