Extremely high demand for Birkenstock products and impacts from Covid-19 on global supply chains has had a significant effect and delay on summer stock delivery. Our local delivery partners have advised that there is still congestion in the Australian freight networks and there are ongoing delays for expected shipping times.



Environmental protection has long been paramount at Birkenstock. Sustainability is an expression of the company’s corporate ethos rather than a marketing trend. Birkenstock’s environmentally friendly operations reflect this commitment, with the brand constantly working to improve its production processes, products, packaging and logistics.

Birkenstock products are predominantly manufactured in Germany, with a focus on high quality, natural materials. A large proportion of the materials used to create Birkenstock footwear comes from sustainable sources, including cork, natural latex, jute, leather, wool feat, copper and brass. Given their durability, Birkenstock products are also sustainable by nature.

Birkenstock Australia imports Birkenstock’s footwear to Melbourne and distributes it to a network of approximately 20 independent Birkenstock-branded stores and 350 other retailers.


2021 Annual Report & Action Plan - APCO


Environmental Impact

Birkenstock Australia is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Its goals include: 

  • Adopting and developing best practice in sustainable retail.

  • Ensuring environmental impacts are minimised across all aspects of Australian operations.




Birkenstock Australia’s specific commitments include:

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulation.

  • Implementing best practice sustainability within retail stores.

  • Understanding and reducing environmental impacts and waste across the entire supply chain.

  • Reducing consumption if doing so does not affect product safety or quality.

  • Reducing packaging in its warehouse and repair workshop.

  • Recycling all possible waste streams in its office, warehouse and repair workshop.

  • Providing a repair service to increase the lifespan of its products.

  • Educating its staff in relation to how their decisions can have an impact upon the environment.

In making purchasing decisions, Birkenstock Australia gives preference to products that combine quality, function, value for money and environmental performance. Within these guidelines, Birkenstock Australia will, where possible, make purchasing decisions that favour: 

  • Products that can be re-used, reducing the need for purchase of new products and reducing waste.

  • Products containing pre- and post-consumer recycled material, including recycled packaging.

  • Products manufactured with minimum energy and water consumption.

  • Products with the lowest environmental and carbon footprint throughout the product’s lifecycle.

  • Suppliers that are committed to improving their environmental performance and are signatories to the Australian Packaging Covenant.